Why the trans community annoys me

This is going to be a bit of a rant I’m afraid, it’s all about one word… “tranny”

If there is one word that will divide a community, this is it. I describe myself as a tranny, I’m very happy being a tranny, in fact I love being a tranny. Now, some trans people dislike this word… so I don’t refer to others as a tranny (unless they feel like me!)

Yet, those that dislike it, seem to want to ram it down peoples throats that we shouldn’t ever use that word, that its evil and that the world will end! Newsflash: things are different these days! In general us youngens have reclaimed the word… we don’t use it with the evil meaning it once had, we use it in a fun “we are comfortable with who we are” kind of way.

Channel 4’s documentary ‘My Transexual Summer’ has highlighted this. Now, I think that the first episode was very very good and portrayed us very well. But shock horror, a transgendered person referred to *themselves* as a tranny, so now half the community is up in arms and portraying the show to be bad for the community.

Let us call ourselves what we want, it doesn’t have to affect you. There are bigger fish to fry out there than someone calling themselves a tranny!

This is why I usually avoid the trans community, I find the rest of the world a more friendly place, and I know I’m not the only trans person to feel that way.

Ok I’m done!


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