Why I won’t be taking part in any ice bucket challenges


Right, I want to start with a few statistics taken from this article (disclaimer: I haven’t verified if they are accurate or not, but they are certainly believable)

53 per cent of people who did complete the challenge did not know what cause it was supporting

This, I find shocking! Over half of the people doing this challenge are tipping a bucket of ice and water over their heads without thinking to themselves “Hang on, why am I actually doing this?” – that is disturbing! Have we really really descended into a society of sheep? (Don’t answer that, I already know the answer is yes!).

It’s also defeating the whole point of the challenge, to raise awareness for the ALS Association and the comparable charities, but how is it raising awareness if most people doing it don’t know why, and thus aren’t making any attempt to raise awareness themselves!

Over a third of respondents said they did the challenge just to gain attention on social media

Seriously, if that’s your reason for doing it, just get out tbh, there are no words.

A further one in ten claimed to have done an ice bucket challenge because they felt pressured into doing so after receiving a nomination.

Now this is the big one for me. I’m someone who struggles with social pressure, the last thing I need is to be pressured into doing something that I don’t want to do, something that I’ll be too embarrassed to say no to. Would I then be doing it for the right reasons? Of course I wouldn’t.

I, along with many many other people only have limited money. That means I’m limited in what I can donate to charity, do you not think it’s reasonable for me to decide what charity to donate to, rather than social pressure?

The sad truth is, while I’m very sure that this is a noble cause, I personally am left unmoved by it. A lot of that will be down to the fact that I’ve seen zero attempts by anyone posting these ice bucket challenges to actually raise my awareness (most haven’t even mentioned it tbh), is there any wonder that I feel unmoved by the cause?

I personally will continue to donate to charities that I feel strongly about, rather than charities where I’m socially pressured into doing so.

All that said, I have no issue with people taking part in the ice bucket challenges and donating towards ALS/MND if that’s what they want to do, but I urge you to do it for the right reasons and to think about the people you nominate.



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  1. quinten says:

    (Oh, the huge manatee. Everyone else, please carry on and the ice bucket challenge should hit $150,000,000 for charities worldwide.)

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