So I’m sat in a pub in New Street station, because silly Jeni got all the times mixed up and got here an hour and a half early… Doh!

May as well use this time to write a blog post, since I don’t get time anywhere else!

So what’s new in my life? I had an amazing birthday week… too much drinking, some epic hangovers and a load of very nice surprises all combined to make it pretty damn good! Oh, and some sort of chocolate based dessert daily? Yes please!


Awesome chocolate cake!

One of the high points was definitely catching up with someone who I hadn’t seen in far too long, who I love to bits. That was one of the best presents I received, ment so much to me!

But the whole week took it out of me, and I finished my week off work far more tired than when I started! Was nice to start getting back into a normal routine… having some chill time and even gave up alcohol!

I was supposed to have come down to brum sooner… but to be fair… if you were offered tickets to see Guns N Roses… you’d totally delay your trip! The gig was awesome in every sense of the word! Though, with it ending up finishing at 2am… and me having to get up at 5… it was never gonna end well the next day :)


Guns N Roses at the MEN Arena

Even though I don’t miss the place, I’m missing all my friends in the Midlands lots… I really need to make more of an effort to come down more often!

Have been totally enjoying the really nice weather recently, though today in brum has been pretty miserable.


Enjoying the sun in Platt Fields Park... may have got a little burnt!

Oh, and one final thing… my boobs are massive!! Hehe… anyway, I’ve wasted enough time now, gotta go get a train!



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3 Responses to “Updates”
  1. Dolly says:

    oh i am in love with the chocolate cake !! lucky you !!!!

  2. I read that chocolate can make your boobs bigger, just kidding. Actually chocolate is supposed to trigger endorphins in the brain which makes us feel good. Whether women crave chocolate more than men is probably cultural more than factual because a man is more likely to give another man booze as a gift and give chocolate to a lady, except in a bar, of course. As they say, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

  3. Kira says:

    I have nominated you for the reader appreciation award I have been given, please check out my blog http://kiramorrescloset.wordpress.com/ for details on how to accept. Thanks for always stopping by my blog. Very much appreciated.
    Have a safe and lovely weekend. God bless
    Love Always,
    Kira Moore

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