Thing’s I’ve learnt #5 – People will let you down

I’m doing a series of posts, alongside anything I may normally post… Each week I’ll pick a new topic, and post 7 mini-blogs (1 each day) in relation to that topic. For this first week, its 7 things I’ve learnt about life.


Things I’ve learnt #5
People will let you down

This is a fact, deal with it. It happens every day to every single one of us. But lets face it, you let people down too. We are human, and sometimes plans fail. Sometimes friends you thought you could rely on, prove you wrong.

If you get let down, you have two options:

  • Loose all faith in the world, try to become self sufficient and never see anyone ever.
  • Get over it and decide what you’re going to do next

I know which one I’d prefer!


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