Don’t feed the trolls

(This started out as a Facebook status update, and it started as a rant about feminism, before having a bit of a realisation and started typing this instead, and before I knew it, it was too long for Facebook!)

OK, so here’s the deal as I see it. Most people who go about their day to day life, don’t care, they don’t care about trans people, they don’t care about homosexuals. That’s not caring in a good way, as in, it makes no difference to them, they just see us as people… which is good, yes?

Our biggest fight, from what I can see is small groups of people on a mission, within larger groups. The majority of christian’s are ok, the majority of feminists, are ok, the majority of teenagers, are ok… I could go on! Yet, we end up listening and taking offence from the (frankly) idiots in the minority. What about if *we* started to not care? You know, the kind of “don’t feed the troll” logic.

Most people out there who don’t care about us, also don’t care about them, I suspect that a large proportion of their audience is us, feeding and fuelling them. A flame will go out without oxygen, surely its time we turned the fight to metaphorically starve them of oxygen?

Maybe I’m being too sensible when I say that we’ll never have 100% acceptance, there will always be a few out there that will never accept, it’s just the way that humans are, but for those few, if they’ve got no audience, then there is a massively reduced problem.

Show the world that we are normal and harmless, and the world (over time) will more and more discount the opinions of the ever diminishing minority.

That’s just my take on things anyway!



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Sexuality and Gender

Hello from this freezing cold bus into Birmingham! My feet are about to fall off from frostbite! On the plus side… it does look pretty out there :o)

One thing that I get asked a lot is “so do you like guys or girls?” I think I need to start replying with “yes I do!”. I like both, yet I’m not bisexual.

A person’s gender means absolutely nothing to me, it’s just another one of those boxes that people like to make sure are ticked. I’ve got to know so many people that can’t really be defined by a two box gender definition, the option of “male” and “female” just doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore!

There are both male and female characteristics that I do find myself getting attracted to at different times, but since half the time they are in the opposite “gender” to where you’d expect to find them, it just confuses the definition!

So basically, and I think I’ve said this before… I love the person, not the gender.


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