That NHS thing

Yeah sorry.. its been one of those weekends… busy and ill! I hope you didn’t get too used to daily posts… I’m cutting back to 3 a week now! Got a couple of other projects on the go now.

Anyway, everyone loves the NHS right? Wait, who’s that screaming in the back row? Come on! They aren’t that bad… for the majority they do good(ish). Just like anything else, you only ever hear the bad stories and that leads everyone to believe that they are evil!

Well, my NHS story is average. Nothing particularly bad, nothing particularly good… but to be fair, isn’t that what its all about? Yes, perhaps its taken a bit longer than it should do to get this far, but there are an awful lot of people taking my journey too, so its only to be expected!

What I can say though, is the people along the way have been fantastic, those people that generally take all the stick when things go wrong… do people care when things are good? My doctor has been perfect throughout my transition. Yes, she didn’t have a clue what to do at first, but she made a big effort to find out and make things happen :)

Yes, rubbish happens, but remember its only a small minority of cases you ever hear about, so don’t get put off. My opinion may change if I have the op and find they’ve put the hole in my elbow, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

Back again Wednesday :)


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