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In reality, I’ve come such a long way since the “old days”

I was prompted to read through my old LiveJournal’s by someone today, all 3 of them! It made for pretty depressing reading really, I can’t believe how bad I actually got (and thats not forgetting that in my darkest times, I never even updated at all… that explains the big gaps). I struggled to find *any* positive posts in them.

I do wonder how anybody managed to put up with me in that time!

There was one comment though that I’ve just read, and, I didn’t realise it at the time, but it’s so true!

One day you will look back on this time in your life and you’ll see it in a different way. Rather than see things as impossible, for now, see them as a challenge that is accomplishable.

You know what? You were right, I am looking back at that time in my life, and I do see it in a completely different way. I look at it now as a building block of what I am today, without all the rubbish I’ve had in my life, I would probably still be that weak, quiet and shy person I was back in school. I’ve learnt to be strong, I’ve learnt to speak up, and I’ve learnt to come out of my shell. I look at it as a period when I found out who my true friends were, the friends that *did* stick by me, no matter what.

My LJ’s were friends only, and I kept that list rather short… everyone I had on there, will probably read this and you know who you are. Thank-you for the support you gave me, some of the comments are *really* touching and I’m glad I have been back through to read it all.

Oh, and there is a recurring pattern in those entries that still existed until recently… my car was never really good at working, even 5 years ago! 😉


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