VIDEO: I’m ill / How to get up later (part 2)

Getting up later using the method in my first video, seemed to not work as well since people were also an hour late for work… here’s something a little more constructive :-)


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Lazy Tranny

Because lets face it, I can look pretty good even when I don't make an effort!

So I’m a self confessed “lazy tranny”.

Basically, I don’t make an effort when it comes to how I look, I do the least amount possible. But, you know what? In its own way, it works. When it comes to makeup, I just put on a little bit of foundation and maybe a bit of mascara.. if I even bother with makeup at all. My hair, most of the time I just tie it back. When it comes to clothes, you’ll more than likely just find me in a hoody and jeans.

Some people may go as far as saying that I should have been born a man!

OK so I made a little bit of effort here

Why do I not bother? Because you don’t actually need to make that much of an effort to look great. Less is more and all that! Lots of T girls put in lots of effort, and so often that’s what gives them away. Go and take a walk around town and look at the girls… in most cases, how much effort do you think they’ve actually put in? Not that much!

Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes make an effort… I might stretch to a bit of eye shadow! I still haven’t got the hang of eye liner… its just evil! Lippy? Nah… far too much effort! And have you tried sorting out *this* much hair? Not happening any time soon!

Come over to the lazy side! It’s fun and you get an extra hour in bed each morning… now that makes it worthwhile!



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