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One of my best friends posted this on their blog, and I wanted to share it :-) I can’t link to it as its not really a public blog, but she’s let me copy and paste this particular post (excuse the spelling)…

I have a fantastic transexual friend. I would consider her to be my rock in a lot of my life.I was talking to her last night about my ‘experience’ at the GUM clinic yesterday when i went in to get my contraception checked.

I arrived at the clinic and was handed a form so I could get an STI check at the same time. I was answering all the usual questions Name, Age, DOB ect. when the question of sex arrose. Now here there were only two options. I had two issus with this… hence this blog..

Firstly on the most simple level someone who is transexual (not transvestite or a cross-dresser) is considered and treated as a female. It says female on their passport and even on their birth certificate. however depending on where they are in their transition they may still have male genitalia meaing that they would have to see a Dr who is able to perform the tests on a male. This imediatly puts them in an awquard possition. they have to tick the box that says male hence outing themselves as a transexual to the clinic staff, who are bound to ask questions as to why they are ticking the male box when they clearly look and act like a women.

My second issue derives from the first. Why in the 21st century do I have to identify as male or female, straight, Bi or Gay. I mean why is it not socially acceptable and commom for people to identify as neither male and female. I should guess that a siginificant portion of the population is Trans of some variety. I mean there are the common ones that are acceptable such as Transexual, Transvestite, and Drag queens and Kings. But these are all labels meaning that you have to pick one. In todays socienty you have to fit into a box, people have gone to war over less. I am proud to not feel the need to label myself, I am me that is all I shouldnt have to be male or female or gay and straight. I want to be gener neutral, but this is not sociably acceptable. If I want to cut my hair short and spiky and wear baggy jeans and a football top society would label me a butch lesbian. If I grow my hair long and wear pretty dresses society labels me as a barbie- type a typical hetrosexual woman. Well news flash I am still me.

Labels are not one size fits all…. the classic exaple of this in society are one size fits all clothes. I know you have all done it at some point brought a top that says one size fits all. How did that work out for you? I would put money on it either being far to baggy or tight.. to short or to long… This is proof that labels designed to fit everyone dont work even in the simplest terms. I when forced to would pick the following labels to descibe me-:

I am a gender fluid (meaning that I identify as both a male or female at any given point I mainly identify as a female in public) sexualy I guess I would have to identify as pansexual (meaning I am capable of finding anybody of any sex sexually attactive)

I dont like the labels at all thou they are like that one size fits all tee-shirt they dont fit properly and dont realy decribe me.

I am creating a new label-:

I just thought it was totally awesome and wanted to share it. Nothing at all to do with the fact I can’t be bothered to write something myself! 😉



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