Places I’ve lived #1 – Catshill

I’m doing a series of posts, alongside anything I may normally post… Each week I’ll pick a new topic, and post 7 mini-blogs (1 each day) in relation to that topic. For this first week, its 7 things I’ve learnt about life.

This week I’m going to post the 7 places that I’ve lived, since I move house on Saturday!


Places I’ve lived #1 – Catshill

OK, so I’m skipping the first place that I lived, Yeovil. Yes I was born there, but I was only there for a very short time… technically if I’d stayed there, I would now be a farmer! I spent the first 16 years of my life in a single house in Catshill, which is in that town that nobody ever manages to leave.. Bromsgrove! I grew up with my family around me, until my parents got divorced when I was about 12, I stayed with my Mom while my Dad and brother got a new flat just around the corner. To be fair, it never really hit me at the time how much I missed having a proper “together” family… but it has hit me in recent years.

Since I grew up around here, the places “Lickey End” and “Bell End” don’t amuse me… I’m used to it since they are just around the corner! I’ve left so many times, yet I always end up coming back. But alas, my time in Catshill is drawing to a close and this chapter of my life is closing… my next step will be post #7. I won’t be staying away from the place though, probably going to be back here for 1 or 2 nights a week to do with work… see… its the place you can never really leave!

I moan about it, I slag it off, I try to get out of it… but lets face it, The Grove is actually fairly cool… where else can you experience the delights of the Golden, Love 2 Love and Charlies Kebabs, all within a quarter of a mile! And if that isn’t enough, you always have Redditch… don’t get me started on that place 😉



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