Life without wheels

I no longer have my Fiesta, I haven’t had it for almost 2 months. If you knew me, you knew that I loved Alex, my poor Fiesta. He was well used (and abused!), died with 230,000 miles on the clock… not bad for a 5 year old car!

I loved travelling, I’d give people lifts to random places in the country, just because I fancied a drive. Sometimes I’d just go random places, like Wales, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I just enjoyed getting out and about, seeing new places and particularly big hills (hence the Wales bit!)

Then came MOT day, and for all its sins, there was no way Alex was going to pass his MOT. The bumper was falling off, the car would set on fire if you put the fan on setting 2, the back seats weren’t attached to the car, but that didn’t matter because the front seats were broke so you couldn’t get into the back anyway! The engine light was permanently on, the cigarette lighter didn’t work, if it rained, the engine didn’t work. Sometimes it’d be in a bad mood and decided that telling me how fast we were going was too much information! So, I didn’t even try to get it through… now Alex is in car heaven.

So that leaves me, the person who relied on her car for everything, with no car, and no way of getting a car (cars cost money). Just to add insult to injury, I then went and got a job 40 miles away, that involved 2 buses, 2 trains and almost 5 hours of my life each day, just travelling.

You know what? I loved it! That travelling time ment that I could actually catch up on TV, I could annoy everyone on Facebook and Twitter. I actually got more of a social life out of it since the travelling didn’t cost me any extra! Now that I’ve got no car, ironically I go to Manchester more often!

I might actually go as far as saying… I’m not sure I actually *want* another car! It’s too restrictive!


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