Wow, it really has been a hell of a long time since I posted here! *waves* I’m still alive!

A few things recently have got me thinking specifically about gender. Now I don’t know nearly enough about gender that I should do, in fact, I know practically nothing about gender. That said, I know more about *my* gender than anyone on the outside world could possibly know.

Gender can be a big gender-y-timey-wimey blob of a thing. Everyone has differing opinions on what gender actually is, in reality people will never agree… ever. But that’s fine because it doesn’t actually matter! Whatever gender someone chooses to define themselves as is not the business of any other person on this planet.

It’s not rocket science, you don’t need to understand gender to get it. The person you are speaking to is a person, the gender that they identify as is completely irrelevant to practically any aspect of the relationship that you have with them.

Your religious views, personal opinions, your own gender, all have absolutely zero relevance to my gender, so please keep them out of it. Don’t try to tell anyone else what their gender is or isn’t, you simply will never know as much about them as they know about themselves.

That said, if you want to try to understand gender, go for it! :) I do however wish you luck! I’m probably not the right person to ask, but I can probably point you in the direction of people that get it more than I do.


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  1. Thanks for the post Jeni Emma. It is good to hear from you after all this time. I thought your post was thought provoking without being emotionally provocative You may have been trying to suggest what I am about to say, but in a different way. I apologize beforehand if I misunderstood you. All I can do is offer you how I see what you may have meant to convey, but I presume nothing and we can adjust our views accordingly. I agree that in a perfect world, one’s gender should be of their own concern and no one else’s and make little to no difference how we interact with one another, any more than it should for race, religious views, or any other kind of thing that makes us diverse and yet can still allow us to live with each other, at least with peaceful co-existence, which all we ever can hope for, anyhow. As I believe you said or meant to say,this is not a perfect world and all the laws we enact will not change people’s attitudes toward any kind of consensus nor should we want it to be that way. We are evolving in that direction, our survival as a species demands that we do. Still there are forces in our world today working against the inevitable, that is if we survive that long. Those forces are controlled by a handful of people who have both the resources and the power to use them to forcefully to make this world into their own image of perfection almost, but not quite, as if we were assimilated by the Borg..

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