Did I time it right?

My first proper time out!

I transitioned nearly 4 years ago back in 2008, my “big outing” was on my 23rd birthday and yes, I looked terrible… but lets face it, we’ve all been there once! I had it all prepared, I’d let everyone close to me know what was happening, even sending a mass-message to everyone on Facebook pointing out that they might notice something a little bit different about me! All this came after years and years of saying that I was going to do it, but did I get the timing right? Do I think that I should have actually transitioned earlier?

Not a chance! I think I got the timing more or less perfect. It was at a point where I was becoming more stable. I don’t think I could have coped with transitioning at the same time as going through that dark time in my life that I’d had in the years before that. At first, the transition wasn’t easy, while I had very little trouble from other people, there is still that level of self conciousness to deal with, which remained until I gained enough confidence to have another “sod it” moment (my life seems to be defined by a series of “sod it” moments!). The capacity in my mind at the time just wasn’t there to deal with *another* thing going on on top of all that!


There are a lot of people that say they wish they’d done it sooner, and there are a lot of people that do it sooner, but everyone is different. If I’d have left it much longer, then I’d probably be saying now that I should have transitioned earlier.

And then there is the question, would I have preferred it if I’d just been born a girl? I kind of think both ways with this one… Yes, perhaps it may have made my life a little bit easier, but equally, I look back and despite all the rubbish I’ve been through to get to where I am now… a large part of my journey to get here has been fun and enjoyable, and to be fair has made me a much better and person!

So basically, I think I’ve got it right, and I don’t think that I’d go back and really change that much about how I got here, even if I had a chance to. I’ve made it here now, and I guess that in the grand scheme of things, that’s all that really matters.

Afterthought: Taking the journey this way, has made me learn a lot about other people in the world, which has given me some valuable lessons in recent times!



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4 Responses to “Did I time it right?”
  1. Definitely progress baby xx

  2. sweetcyanide says:

    There is no question mark after progress! It’s great that you did it at a time that you feel was right for you :-)

    Looking forward to seeing you get even happier with the way you are in future xxx

  3. jeniuk says:

    That first picture looks like a wig! That is my *actual* hair!

  4. It took me 62 years of struggling to be authentic to discover that what was underneath all the feelings of being uncomfortable with myself and being depressed was that I was supposed to be a girl instead of a boy. The picture of me below is with a wig I bought until my own hair can grow out hopefully now that I am taking estrogen and finasteride and using the topical generic equivalent of Rogaine for Women on the thin spots on top of my head. Just wait until I get my facelift which is next on my list of things to do.

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