Who Am I?

Well I’m me for a start, I’m not Jenny from the Block but I’m Jenny from the Grove! My life is so unique and complicated to be all contained within a simple about page, so perhaps maybe read some of my posts, when I make some anyway!

I’m on a journey, I’m on a journey to be no longer in progress. That said, I do have a horrible feeling that I’ll be forever in progress… oh well, it’s an enjoyable journey!


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  1. Hi Jenny, I’ve found your blog coming from someone elses and I was attracted by your blog’s title “girl in progress” and now your content won’t let me leave.

    You are a beautiful young woman, don’t ever think or let others tell you otherwise. You’re also smart and you have that rare gem in your soul called honesty, you’re using it propperly, great blog, keep up the great work.


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