2016, Just How Bad Was It? (April – June)

Well, 2016… what is there to say about 2016? It’s the year that we will all want to forget, however the legacy of 2016 will continue to have repercussions for the next 4 years at least. Sorry folks, 2016 is leaving us, but it’s leaving it’s problems behind.

I usually do a review of the year – I’ve been vocal about this year as we went through it, so here is what I had to say at the time…
Read Part 1 (Jan – Mar)

Part 2 (April – June)

The second quarter was when the world really started going to bits, starting with the UK.

There is a Game of Thrones spoiler in this, don’t read if you’re not up to date!


Nothing like an April fools joke to kick the month off


Then the realisation of 2016 and the world that we live in started to hit home. The realisation that the world perhaps isn’t making progress in the direction that we would have liked.


Though I was able to make myself feel better by taking advantage of the heatwave to work outside.


April also means Game of Thrones, but I had to lay down a marker to anyone who even considered spoilers!


It wasn’t just politics that were screwed in 2016, the weather was a bit unsure too.



The month where I grow older, nobody wants to get older!

Nothing like a bit of exploring to take my mind off the world


Someone decided to work out which shade of trans I am. I also considered “In a Transpennine Express kinda way”


We went away to Brighton, but we wished we could take Frankie


ITV were being, well, very ITV-like, very surreal and weird.


June – Oh dear god what the fuck is happening?!

Jon Snow came back to life, we all knew it was going to happen! (See, I told you there was a GoT spoiler in here!)


Brexit happily coincided with Euro 2016, which I’m sure must have hurt some peoples heads.


Obviously though, nobody important cares about football…


The week that hit home just how far people were willing to go in relation to brexit, alongside the horrendous shootings in Florida left me really uncomfortable and with nothing to say about the world.


Frankie wanted to remain, of course.


On the day of the brexit vote, we elected to go somewhere far, far away.


And then woke up the morning after…


And finally a sentiment that I still maintain today. So far there is no sign of it “all working out in the end”



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