2016, just how bad was it? (January – March)

Well, 2016… what is there to say about 2016? It’s the year that we will all want to forget, however the legacy of 2016 will continue to have repercussions for the next 4 years at least. Sorry folks, 2016 is leaving us, but it’s leaving it’s problems behind.

I usually do a review of the year – I’ve been vocal about this year as we went through it, so here is what I had to say at the time…

Part 1 (January – March)

I have to admit, the first few months of the year weren’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. We were glad to see the end of 2015, me and Ellie were newly engaged and I got on a plane and didn’t crash!


We all woke up on New Years day slightly optimistic about 2016, how wrong we were.


Things started going very well, the outlook was positive…


But then 2016 went and threw it’s first blow:


The passport office decided to get on the wrong side of me, but I was already losing the will to fight:



February bought an exciting moment however, for a brief period there were no roadworks on the M6, which was far more exciting than it should have been!


It was also the month that #CaptionFrankie became a thing…


Not to mention our first of many visits to Wales…


It was also the first time that I’d left the country since I was 16, I made it onto a plane and it didn’t crash. I have learnt however that I never want to fly Ryanair again. Any airline that plays a “we’ve successfully landed” jingle makes me feel nervous, it’s almost as if they are surprised by this fact.



We started off March still in Rome, and had managed to assemble a fair chunk of the north of England there…


Though I have to admit, after a while things got a bit same-y for me! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful city though.


We were already starting to get a little bit worried about America, how little did we know about what was to come…


We made it back from Rome to business as usual with Frankie…


Facebook wanted me to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, well who was I to refuse?


We had a proper night out – something which I hadn’t done in a hell of a long time!


Cards Against Humanity gave us the perfect solution to our inevitable Domino’s issues.


And March ended with a deep statement. We don’t talk about Buxton.





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