Seriously world, what’s going on?

Advance warning, this post will probably contain strong language, because I’m seriously angry with the world right now. I’m also going to try to be very simplistic about my points and how I explain things.

OK, so on paper my life should be a real struggle, I’m transexual, bisexual, polyamorous, kinky (I was this before 50 shades made it cool), geeky and many other labels and terms that may not have been invented yet. In reality I lead an extremely privileged live when I compare it to the rest of the world. Put my problems alongside those who are currently in a camp in Calais for example, and my problems are so small they nearly don’t exist.

That brings me to my first point – why as a human race do we struggle so much to give other people a helping hand?

Now you’re probably reading this thinking “but I always help others where I can!” – this may be the case, but I find people often help “their own”, people close to them, people from the same country, same religion, same race. There is some seriously awful shit going on in the world right now, there are millions, billions even of people out there who are on the receiving end of all this, purely because of where they were born in the world.

Now, in the UK and most of Europe, compared to many countries, we’re privileged, seriously fucking privileged, every single one of us with no exceptions at all. The worldwide situation at the moment is causing people to leave their home countries (often not by choice) to go in search of somewhere better. Bear in mind, to most of these people, somewhere where they can stay alive constitutes somewhere better. They’ve gone through some serious atrocities to arrive “at our gates”, atrocities that put our minor problems to shame, they arrive here and find a mob of racist bigoted cunts with hypothetical pitchforks and a copy of the Daily Mail under their arms telling them that they’re not welcome.

Well I’ll tell you what world, you’re all welcome, because I’m a fucking decent human being. If we need to squash up a bit to make a bit of space for them, then so be it. If we need to share our wealth to give these humans a kick start in life that they’ve never been given the chance to do before, then be my guest. Stop being so fucking selfish people, get a grip, we’re all the same and it’s only the luck of the draw that you were born here in the UK rather than in some war torn country.

As far as I’m concerned, if you want a fresh start in life, you’re welcome here, we should help you – because once you’re back on your feet, I don’t doubt that you’ll contribute back into our society and hopefully do good for others.

If you read the Daily Mail, ask yourself some serious questions.

Do you even realise what you’re reading? You’re reading a paper (sorry, I just can’t call it a newspaper) that actively promotes hatred of other human beings. Do you not think there is enough of that world already? Do you actually believe the shit that they write in there?

That’s when they even try to report news, half the time they can’t be bothered to do that and resort to pointing out which latest celebrities have had their boobs fall out, or how fat they’ve got or anything else they can do to put down another human.

By giving this festering turd of a publication any ounce of respect, you are the problem and you are the reason that they will continue to spread hate and put other people down.

Reading The Sun is more socially acceptable than reading the Daily Mail (though I still wouldn’t recommend it personally)

Don’t ram your religion down peoples throats.

There are god knows how many religions out there, how can you be sure that the one that you believe in is right? You can’t all be right, surely? You think you have a right to act like vile humans just because you read a book sometime that said “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5) (It’s worth pointing out that the following passages appear a few lines later: “You shall not wear cloth of wool and linen mixed together. You shall make yourself tassels on the four corners of the garment with which you cover yourself.”) Don’t just pick and choose the bits you want to follow, hey!

And if you think that it’s right to kill someone in the name of your religion? Get the hell off our damn planet you fool, if there is a god then I’m sure they are laughing at you for even thinking that is in someway an acceptable thing to do.

I believe that if there *is* a god, if I die and find that there is a heaven, and said god doesn’t let me in because I didn’t believe in him despite doing the best I can to be a decent human being, then that won’t be a heaven that I’ll particularly want to be in.

All of that said, if your practising your religion in a way that does no harm to others, and it gives you hope, a reason to go on, gives you a sense of community and helps you to feel loved – then by all means believe in whatever god you like.

There were enough people in this country who voted Tory to allow them to get into government.

Why? Why would you do that? Do you not give a damn about anyone but yourself? I’m personally better off as a result of the tories, and this makes me *really* uncomfortable because I’m not someone who *needs* to be better off. There are people in this country on the street, you’re taking away benefits from legitimately disabled people, you’re squeezing the poor ever tighter and tighter – but you’re giving me tax cuts? I DON’T NEED A FUCKING TAX CUT – GROW A FUCKING BACKBONE AND HELP THOSE THAT ACTUALLY NEED IT INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE SELFISH CUNTS. Don’t get me wrong, I want more money as much as the next person – but I don’t want it at the expense of someone who needs it more than me.

Also, we’re also constantly hearing stories about those in power fucking kids? Is it that hard to *not* have sex with kids? Please stop, it’s sick and disgusting.

Homosexuality is a sin, same sex marriage is an abomination etc…

Fuck off.

Why the hell do you feel it necessary to put other people down because their body is different to yours?

So someone is bigger than you, for example – why do you feel the need to highlight this in a negative way? Just the other day on a forum I witnessed someone describe another person in a photo (who they’d never met or communicated with in any way) as a “fat bint”. Give yourself a pat on the back, I hope you’ve made yourself feel loads better because of that. What’s worse? People were quick to defend it too, give yourselves a pat on the back too – you’re promoting this culture of bodyshaming that we have.

Don’t you think there is enough wrong with the world (it’s not like I haven’t pointed out a small selection already) without you feeling the need to shame and degrade someone.

Every single human being on this planet is different by their very nature. Every single person you will meet in your entire life will be different to you, so why do you insist on having such a narrow minded view on things?

America, you really need to sort your shit out.

You really think that owning a weapon designed to seriously injure or kill someone is needed? How the hell can you even justify that? Words fail me on that one – your society is fucked.


I have nothing more to say. World, sort your shit out.


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